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WARNING: Before you read any further, there are THREE things you need to know:

1. You are about to discover a new way of fighting that is so powerful and effective it seems UNFAIR.

New? Yes, New. Technology Advances, and so does Human Ability. Do you still use a Cassette music player, or a phone without a camera? Probably not. On May 6th, 1954 Roger Bannister Broke the 4-Minute Mile, which no human being had ever done before. It changed the game.
And it’s the Same with Fighting – New Game-Changing Discoveries Have Been Made!
And now you can get them here.

2. You are about to discover how to Deliver Maximum Pain and Destruction. And, you are about to be trusted with LETHAL Technologies. Criminals, perverts and psychopaths are forbidden to have this material and must read no further.

3. You are now being formally invited become a Certified Instructor by a Worldwide Martial Arts authority.


Dear Friend,

I want to welcome you to a world you may not have known existed. A world where you walk with power, poise, and confidence because you know you can handle anything the forces of darkness throw at you.


Fact: It can happy anytime. Anywhere. And in these hectic times of economic uncertainty and political unrest, violent crime has only gotten worse.

Imagine you are attacked by three scumbag gang-bangers… it would be great if all they wanted was your wallet, but what if they also want to “have a good time” with your wife or girlfriend?

Or maybe they want your iPhone and your cash and it’s their “3rd strike” so they’re NOT gonna let anyone identify them in a lineup.

Honestly, what would YOU do? Would you allow yourself to be beaten bloody or killed in front of your family or friends? Would you allow those in your care to be harmed for life?

Any sane person would say, “of course not!” But that’s exactly what WILL happen if you don’t know this…

What they’re teaching you at the Strip-Mall McDojo’s and
MMA Sports-Classes Can Get You KILLED!

Do you seriously think what you’ve learned at the Dojo, or in Sports MMA (with it’s rules and judges), or in the latest alphabet-soup dressed-in-camo “military” system will help you win a fight for your life against prison-hardened street animals?

I don’t want to offend anybody, but I seriously doubt it.

The Night That Changed My Martial Arts FOREVER

One night at the gym, a guest trainer named Russell Stutely was invited to hold a special workshop for Law Enforcement officers.

I’d heard of this guy before, but “the #1 Pressure Points expert in the World?”

“Power Black?” Give me a break! I thought it was a lot of hype.

But since my sparring partners were going to be there, I figured I’d check it out and see for myself.

And here’s what I found out: there’s not one damn bit of hype! It’s BETTER than anything I’ve seen (I’ve been a competent Martial Artist for 24 years and trained with many of the best)


Within minutes, Russell Stutely showed us HOW to actually DO amazing things like….

TRUE ‘Black Magic’ Secrets for Maximum Pain and the ability to DROP ANYONE!

How to Split the Biceps of your street attacker and CAUSE EXCRUCIATING PAIN (OMG!!)

How to “trick” your attacker’s brain so his joints are easily broken (nasty stuff that works)

Black Magic Pressure Points to control, move, or immobilize your attacker without destroying him

FIGHT FINISHER: We’ve never met ANYONE (even famous martial artists) who can stand up to THIS! (full details revealed and taught to YOU!)

Instant KNOCKOUT Points to use on the head and (good and super-powerful!)

Why most fighters hit UP when they strike…when hitting downwards works BETTER! (you’ll see the devastating results ‘live’ and learn this new way of fighting for your self!)

One single point on the chin you can use to spin an attacker’s head and control him like a puppet

Power and strength not required: watch the participants SHOCK and AWE as Russell hits them easily and drops them cold!

The hidden secret of “compound maximization” This is incredible! You will learn the TWO Hitting Points that simply doubles your power! (you won’t believe this until you see it. It’s ‘Black Magic’ type stuff!)

How to apply Russell’s principle of Linkage…The result is an opponent who is left as a pile of quivering blubber

… and much much MORE!!! We were all shocked and amazed!

He mopped the floor with experienced martial artists, Black Belts, and veteran street cops who worked SWAT, undercover, and “the bad side of town”. We were all in awe because

No One Could Stand Up To Him!

After demonstrating this to us, he shared his secrets with us and taught us how to do the same!

Then, he introduced us to his good friend and colleague Scott Bolan.

I’d heard of this guy, but boy-oh-boy was I amazed!

If you haven’t heard of Scott Bolan, where the hell have you been?

Personally trained by Bruce Lee’s close friend and first Chinatown student Dan Lee, Certified Black Belt by the legendary Ben Mangels (Combatives Trainer to the South African Military), multiple Black Belts and Advanced Certifications, Thrice inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Author of the Year, Lifetime Achievement Awards, Legends Award in the Hall of Honors, and on and on I could go.

And you know what? He’s actually BETTER than all the accolades and Awards he’s gotten that have acknowledged him as.

He’s humble, Effective, Down-To-Earth and Straight-To-The-Point simple and gavis easy-to–understand-and-do Instruction that puts you Light-Years Ahead of all the Instructors and so-called Black Belt’s I’ve met over the years!

In just a few hours, he taught us…

How To Kill A Man

• The Lethal Kata (every killing move in one organized pattern you can easily learn!)

Kinamotay (the JKD/Filipino Martial Art of Biting) – My God How BRUTAL!

• How To Beat ANY Martial Arts System

How To Stop a Groundfighter or MMA Punk

The 3-Step Principle that Guarantees Effective Technique Learning!

• How To Train Alone (this one is a huge help, sometimes my friends aren’t available and my wife is not so willing lol)


• The Mental Side of Combatives (the most important part) and How To “Anchor” It In So Your Mind is ALWAYS BATTLE-READY

The Easiest and Most Effective BONE-BREAKS

• Joint Locks That Make The Hulk Whimper Like A BITCH!

… and so much more it would take me 45 pages to list it all!

Would you like to have the same skills that Russell and Scott showed us that night?

If so, I’ve got some great news for you: they let them film it all!

Now you get these same skills to take home with you and keep forever. You can learn just like we learned, at your own pace on your own schedule.

Russell and Scott have a way of teaching that is just as Powerful and Fast as their Fighting – you learn quickly and easily with right-to-the-point instruction and demonstrations that make it easy for you to learn.

And it doesn’t matter how old you are, how skinny you are, or even how fat and out-of-shape you are!

Even a skinny nerd can use these secret moves (including “opposite effects” Pressure Points) on his head to drop a bloodthirsty thug like a sack of potatoes!

No matter your level of skill or fitness, their all-new updated for 2022 and beyond training package will show you How HIT HARDER Than a Heavyweight with drop-dead accuracy!

Just pop the DVDs in (or stream or download on your favorite device) and watch a few times, and watch how your whole understanding of martial arts becomes transformed!

In this all-new home study course, Russell Stutely and Scott Bolan – the man the cops and security on the front line go to for training – show you how to become Powerful and Deadly if you need to be when your life is on the line.

I believe that you really want these types of skills that will turn you into a force to be reckoned with and feared.

That’s why you’re reading this. And that’s why Russell and Scott prepared these confidential materials for you.

When you get skills like this, you can just imagine being attacked by a pack of high-on-crack street-hardened gang-bangers, or even a lone-wolf violent psychopath….. but instead of being the victim of a brutal savaging or even a murder, in self-defense you are instantly firing off DEVASTATING Blows with knockout force that are Blinding FAST!

In just a few seconds the murderous perverted criminals, covered in their own blood, will be quickly blacking out on their way to the “other world,” or awaiting the mercy of an ambulance and a prison cell! At that point, they will get the distinct impression that…

“They Chose the Wrong Guy!”

Every human being has the right to repel violent attack and use whatever Force Necessary to do so. Nearly any of Russell and Scott’s active students could do just that, because he gives you what actually works while teaching you in a way that you can quickly absorb it and “Make It Yours”

We’ve put together their most powerful and cutting-edge collection of martial secrets and violent knowledge ever, in a huge discount package for you, so you have the advantage.

In this total self-defense mastery course you will learn to be so deadly powerful, fast and bulls-eye accurate that you never have to face the worst, unprepared!

This New Program stacks up to any others you’ve ever seen. In fact, It Blows Them Away!

And, I can prove it to you: We’ve left nothing out of these Videos!

This information is not for the “everyday” fluffy martial artist, and certainly not for the general public.

It’s for serious martial practitioners. If you’re looking for the latest fad in spandex or camo, or you can’t handle the reality of Brutal Violence, it’s not for you. But if you must know the skills and how-to tactics of..

– How to harness some simple ‘core elements’ which you can apply to ALL of your strikes to make them SUPER-FAST!

– The 5 Core Strikes!

– How a simple ‘turn’ of the arm can stop virtually any attacker’s most common attack – whoever is behind it (even big, experienced, streetfighters)

– How to use Russell’s “dizzy drill” to start simulating real-life scenarios – so you can quickly “pressure test”, knowing you can use it “for real” on the streets!

– Instant TAKE-DOWN moves that will floor Bigger, Stronger Attackers! (and these moves require no agility or previous experience!!)

– How to easily unbalance, de-stabilize and then Take Out even 200 pound thugs with ease!

– The Secret of “palming down” and why it’s much more effective than “normal” defenses (including knife attacks) – Russell includes live demos here to illustrate its effectiveness

– PAINFUL Control Tactics which Russell and Scott teach to law enforcement personnel

…… and much, much more!!

Listen up, friend. You Can easily train in this system from home, in your spare time. This means you can learn this super-fast, from the comfort of your own home.

And the hard part’s already done! We deliberately set the program up for you in a completely organized, easy-to-learn progression. It’s all no-nonsense, straight to the point information and instruction.

After you watch the drills a few times, it becomes part of your muscle memory, so when the sh– hits the fan you won’t have to think about it, your muscle-memory programming will kick in and you’ll just do it instantly!

In just a few hours you can master the “Golden Secret” of Destroying Attackers, and you can laugh at all the smug instructors and friends who think they “know” all about fighting – you’ll scare them to death!

The combo patterns are so unstoppable, just do it in the air or on a punching bag and watch them FREAK OUT!

I’ve seen it countless times, and one of 3 things happens every time:

1. They stay smug and leave the area quickly and avoid you in the future

2. They act like it’s no big deal but they always refuse to spar with you (they can’t back up their claims)

3. They BEG you to teach them! (this is the person with integrity who sets aside his pride because he knows true wisdom when he sees it and wants to acquire it for himself)

The great thing about it is, you don’t have to spend weeks, months or even days memorizing non-essentials and routine stuff!

Just watch it once through, then a few more times in the privacy of your home, and watch how people notice you’ve been transformed by learning these secrets!

That “something different about you” will be the calm confidence that comes from knowing you can handle whatever the forces of darkness throw your way. It magnetizes people. It happens to Russell’s students all the time whenever they walk into a room full of people. Now that can be You too.

Special HUGE Discount Price until May 2nd!

So here’s the deal my friend.

On April 18th this package will be released to the public for 795.00 (Digital) and 895.00 (Hard Copy + Digital), but through May 2nd 2022 you get them all for only 297.00 (Digital) or 397.00 (Digital + Hard Copy) That’s over-half-off!!

Yes, you get all 18 DVDs of the hardcore “Destroy Any Attacker 2.0” Fighting Secrets to keep forever!

(Warning: These Videos Have lots of Vicious Stuff You’ve Never Seen Before – not for the feint of heart! )

Please note: If you have Destroy Your Attacker 1.0, you do not have this, this is all-new material! (and everyone who orders 2.0 gets the digital version of 1.0, which wasn’t available when it was released 10 years ago!)

Plus, if you order right now you get these amazing FREE BONUSES:

FREE BONUS# 1: Karate: the Hidden Secrets (190 page book, normally 100.00)

FREE BONUS #2: How to Hit… Really HARD (bestselling book, normally 50.00)

FREE BONUS #3: The Pressure Points Database (wow! this “encyclopedia of destruction” normally costs 300 bucks!)

FREE BONUS #4: The Lethal Encyclopedia (worth 100.00)

FREE BONUS #5: The Combat Scriptures (worth 100.00)

FREE BONUS #6: Martial Arts Exposed! (an overview of every style’s strengths and weak spots!) (worth 100.00)

FREE BONUS #7: Street-Fighter Crash-Course (worth 100.00)

FREE BONUS #8: The Highest Level: Martial Mind and Tactical Awareness CD (worth 50.00)

FREE BONUS #9: The Original Destroy Your Attacker 1.0 videos for download and streaming! (worth 495.00):
The Pressure Point Defensive Tactics 5 DVD Set, The Pressure Points Black 6 DVD Set, The Pressure Points Database (the massive complete list of bodily destruction!), Karate – the Hidden Secrets Manual, How To HIT REALLY HARD Manual.

FREE BONUS #10: How To Make $500 per day teaching Martial Arts, or anything else! CD (worth 100.00, actually worth untold thousands!)

Plus, if you’re one of the first 20 people to order you get this “extra” Killer Bonus!…

 Your Personal Combat-Ready Assessment

Yes, you get a half-hour one-on-one private assessment with Russell and Scott and their team to help you optimize your Combat-Readiness and Fix any weak spots!

We MUST limit this to 20 people because of the amount of time it takes, and these guys normally charge several hundred per hour and several thousand bucks per day for their elite private consulting, but if you’re one of the first 20 people you get it FREE!

Did I say “FREE”?

Yes! Order Now get it all absolutely Free.

And just one more thing: As you know, Russell Stutely is
the World’s #1 Pressure Points Fighting Authority.

He wants to train and certify as many of the good guys as possible
to protect the sheep (non-warrior good people).

You as a Warrior and Destroy Your Attacker 2.0 student now have an opportunity to become a Certified in Pressure Points by Russell himself and add it to your teaching curriculum to increase your income and elevate your student’s skills!

If you want to add this option just hit the “Pressure Point Certification” option in the cart (it is not required, this is only for those who want it, and limited to 20 people due to time constraints) This is NOT a “Diploma Mill” – you will learn the material (which is easy to do), and when you’re ready you will contact Russell’s office and send a video (you can easily take with your phone) to demonstrate you know the material, and Russell will send you your printable Certificate! There is a small fee for the Certification program because Russell gives his personal time to review your video. Just hit the button in the cart to add Certification and you’re good to!

Either Way, that’s a KILLER DEAL!

I know you will LOVE this stuff! These Videos stand on their own as the most powerful you can find.

There’s no way you can beat a deal like this!

Don’t let anything get in the way of your making a smart decision for your future. What you learn here could not only save your life and protect your loved ones, but it will also give you skills and knowledge that will last you a lifetime.

You can stream or download instantly, and there’s a set right here in our office ready to ship immediately if you order hard copy, and it’s yours to keep forever, so order now!

Don’t fool around and wait until they’re snapped up by someone else. We made a one-time extension through May 2nd, but we cannot extend it even a day after that, so place your order and you are on your way. Ordering is easy, so get it done now while it’s on your mind.

Russell and Scott are looking forward to training with you!



“As an Instructor of multiple Martial Arts of many years experience, and as a former CEO of a Security Firm, I can attest to the absolute effectiveness of Russell Stutely’s OCFM technology. It has at least doubled the effectiveness and power of EVERYTHING I do. As a practising Emergency Physician and Instructor in the Management of trauma, I can attest to the DEVASTATING CONSEQUENCES of these techniques to the body of any would be assailant.”

Dr Eddie Emmanuel, OCFM County Coach

“If I was allowed to use the Self Defense techniques that Russell teaches, I would have destroyed Joshua. If you truly want to learn the VERY BEST in Self Defense, then Russell is the man. Listen… I have done hundreds of rounds of sparring with Russell… he is the real deal. Nothing else out there matches what Russell teaches – it is SO EASY to use and apply. You NEED to learn this material – TODAY!”

Paul Butlin, Former Area Heavyweight Champ

Paul Mracek“After buying all of Russells DVDs and joining his famous Platinum Program – I decided to actually go and train with him personally for one week. What a week that was – the amount of truly great information given was mind-blowing. The way Russell teaches – it is so simple to pick up. Since that week I have trained with Russell many times and have gone on to produce a Defensive Tactics program for Australia and OCFM Int. Coach status.”

Paul Mracek, OCFM International Coach

I’ve been following Scott for some time now and I gotta tell you, he’s actually RIDICULED by his peers for his “in your face” style. No kidding! I’ve talked to other martial arts instructors who don’t think he’s their “equal”. And most of them are right… because he BLOWS THEM OUT OF THE WATER with his perspective BEYOND just hand-to-hand combat!

Jeff Anderson, Publisher, Modern Combat and Survival Magazine

If you haven’t listened, trained with or watched Scott Bolan’s videos you are definitely missing a treat in tactical knowledge and life motivation. I personally endorse Scott Bolan as a master level instructor. I would highly recommend Scott Bolan to anybody looking to better their skills in all areas of life. Scott is a true professional.

Hank Hayes, No Lie Blades

What is on your DVDs Scared me and Excited me all at the same time. I have watched Scott’s DVD, and read the manual for the 3rd time and I can’t NOT learn some life-saving tactics each time I go through it. This is a must for anyone who is serious about saving their life. This is a no-frills, get in your face, just watch, listen and learn, heap-high content system! I’m totally jazzed that there is something like this available to the common guy. You have made this available at such an affordable price that even the most budget-conscious person would feel like a moron for not jumping at the chance to get this life-saving package that will be a mainstay in their library for years to come! You made it a pleasure to learn what I needed to know to be totally confident in any situation I find myself in. Stay Terrific.

PS. “I mean every word I said about your tactics. I am so glad I studied your DVDs. I only wish I had something like this sooner in my life.”

Wayne Pickering N.D., Sc.M., 5 Medals Awarded Combat Vet – S. Vietnam, Cambodia, Santo Domingo Crisis. Author, Speaker, Award-Winning Tri- Athlete, Double Nominee for the Healthy American Fitness Award.